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dr. simonsen

Welcome to my site. I am called many things…honey, daddy, son, brother, counselor or even Doc David. Like you, I fulfill many roles in my life. Some days I do them well, other days not so much. Something that I do in all my roles is be creative and problem solve.

Whether it’s coming up with a unique way to spend time with my wife, creating a vacation to remember for my family or helping a couple or family find new ways to communicate, creativity and experience are important.

I have been in practice for 20 years helping families, teens and couples find ways to do life differently. Along the way I have become licensed as a Marriage & Family therapist and earned my Ph.D. in Psychology.

What keeps me going is my wife of 25 years and my 7 kids. If you find this page useful or informative please comment, share or drop me a question! Thank you for stopping in.

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