She needs clear consequences.

Question: I don’t know what I should do? My 14-year-old daughter was arrested for stealing a car tonight. She said she had no knowledge of the car being stolen. I believe her about that but she still lied about whom she was going to be with. She told me her friend (one I have met a few times) sister was going to pick her up and take my daughter and her friend to a movie and I would pick them up. She was picked up at 730pm. I see the car actually pull up, and it was the same car she was in when she got arrested. At 8:30ish I got a phone call from the police station. I went to pick her up. She was released with a court date. On the way home, she told me that she didn’t know the car wa

Oh No...It's the Mother-in-law

When you get married you are instantly propelled into a relationship that can sometimes be wonderful, but for many brides is horrible. What is it? It’s the mother-in-law relationship. Over and over people don’t seem to understand why this relationship can be one of the most difficult relationships you will have in your married life. Like many things in life the better informed you are the better you can handle things. There are things you need to know about a mother-in-law. He was hers first She raised that guy you’re marrying. She changed his diapers…kissed his booboos…cleaned up his puke at night when he was sick. What have you done for him? She has done it all and you are often seen as an