Keep your friends close

In my professional career I am often asked what to do in certain relationship situations. These questions usually relate to the hows and whys of relationships. The relationship run the gamut. Husband/wife…father/son….mother/daughter. Over and over again I see parents who think they are clued in to their children, but usually aren’t. They are distant, too close or simply don’t seem to care what it going on in their child’s life. When asked, I really try to clue these parents in and help them find ways in which to connect to their children more effectively. At the end of the day I get to go home. So what should I do when I meet up with some friends and I see them parenting in a way that usuall

Men and Counseling

“We need to go talk to someone…” “…this has gone on too long we need help…” Men often dread these words. We are the masters of our domain, we don’t ask people for directions let alone how to do a relationship. This is the response many wives will get when they ask their husband to go to counseling. There are, generally speaking, two types of people that call me when couples counseling is needed. A wife who is seeking it out because she is worried about the state of her marriage or a desperate husband who is on the verge of losing his wife. Why do people wait? What I have found in my work with couples is that most couples seeking counseling are usually coming in about 2-5 years after the prob