Why do Pre-marital counseling?

In our “have it now society” people often think that immediately living together and then simply getting married is good enough to make it long term. Some even think why marry? What is often misunderstood is that baggage from ones past that doesn’t get dealt with will cause problems on down the line. When I talk with a couple thinking about marriage or even living together, I always encourage that they seek out a competent therapist to help deal with any potential issues. There are several reasons that I suggest this. What you learned in your family isn’t good enough I know, I know, you had the most amazing supportive family. Not only did you always have peaceful family vacations, you alway

You are the burden, not my kid...

I will be clear about it from the start. I have two children with Down syndrome. A biological 5 year old and an adopted 4 year old. I've read many articles about special needs..."5 things a mom of a special needs kid wants you to know"...:what it really means when your kid is special needs"..."This mom doesn't want your pity". I was compelled to write this post to address some comments I've seen recently that a few people have written. When the topic of Down syndrome comes up I see an inevitable comment that goes something like the following "parents of a special needs kid must be delusional because of course their child is a burden, how can they not see it." Now I understand that sometime t