Attraction is important

I often talk with couples about what brings them together. One answer that often comes up relates to physical attraction. Some people say that physical attraction is a shallow reason for a couple to like one another. I agree that if that was the only reason a couple is together you shouldn't be together. Physical attraction is one of many things that a couple should consider when thinking about getting married. I was asked the below question by one part of a couple. Question: I'll try to sum this up, recently my fiance and i had a well needed talk where she confirmed what I have been thinking for the longest. She hasn't been able to give me the love she knows shes capable of due to one of he

Conditional love and parenting

Sally emailed me and asked me a question, and I'm just going to right into it. "Is my marriage over" is the subject line. "My husband has been treating me really cold for a long time, he said the way I treat our child turn him off. I am the main caretaker of our child and not as patient as he is to our child. When our child is not listening I tend to raise my voice, and I don't play with our child as much as my husband does due to all the housework. My husband doesn't do any housework. Other than these, I don't think I did anything wrong to our child. But my husband can't take this, he said if I treat our child nicely he will treat me better. I was so disgusted by his conditional love, this

Who wants to live in "The Shack"?

Someone just sent me an article about the upcoming movie “The Shack” based on the highly popular book of the same name. It was obvious from the title it was another article from a Christian leader expounding on why this movie twists the message of the Bible. I didn’t open it, I just sighed and immediately thought of writing this post. Here’s the Deal “The Shack” is a very popular work of fiction. It’s someone’s human attempt to explain a relationship with God. Productions companies are on the hunt to make money. I would imagine they see an untapped resource in people that loved the book, therefore they think, “let’s make a movie TO MAKE MONEY.” Do they want to subvert Christianity? Who knows

Raise children to change things

Parenting is a tough job. We are often tired and overwhelmed at the end of the day. One of the things I often tell parents is to look at parenting from a bigger picture view. The effective and good things we do now will pay off in the future. I think that is what often makes it so challenging. From one parent to another keep up the good parenting It will pay off in the end! #parenting


We all experience a variety of difficulties in our lives…new jobs….new relationships….divorces...death. This happens all around us, to friends and strangers and we often don’t know even know it. We don’t know for a few reasons, people are private or we are often too caught up in our own pains and difficulties to help other with theirs. Not knowing how to help others or even help ourselves can keep us from moving on in a positive direction. There are several things you can do to deal with the pain of secrets in your own life or in another’s. Get help When you keep finding yourself at a dead end or are unable to move forward in a positive manner in your life, there is probably something that y