Is Parenting fun?

Some people say they love parenting, but do they really? If you don't love parenting, it doesn't mean you don't love your kids. I think it means you recognize the challenges that come with parenting which can be significant. #parenting #family #relationship #mom #dad #mother #father #challenge

In a relationship? Pay attention to these things

UGH... relationships are challenging right? Your friend may post beautiful pictures on social media about the love of thier life, but you've actually met them. You know what kind of a creep he or she is. You don't want to end up like them right? Here are some things to pay attention to in order to start off on the right foot in your relationships. Get to know the friends of the person you like One of the things I have found in working with drug and alcohol addicts is that if they don’t change their friends they generally won’t be changing their behavior. John was a young man addicted to heroin. After many relapses and taking advantage of his family he finally agreed to go to outpatient in an