Therapy from the Road

Many people meet with clients in their offices. This works out great for them. I have been lucky enough to meet with clients in-home for the past 18 years. This means I drive a lot...have a lot of time to process sessions and see a lot of the countryside. I had this thought. Why not document this all? So here is my new little project. I'd love for you to follow along with me or even ask your own questions along the way. #therapist #marriage #advice #media #expert #youtube #family #driving #counselor

Thoughts about Teen Vogue

In case you hadn’t heard, Teen Vogue just published an article about anal sex. This was an article authored in a way to encourage and normalize this practice among teens. Just when I think our society can’t get any worse something like this comes out. If you are reading this and don’t think it’s a big deal then you may not want to read further. If, like me, you think your teen doesn’t need to know this information from a magazine that doesn’t actually care about them, then read on. The biggest question I have thought of is how can a parent express their displeasure over an article like this? The biggest way is to complain to the editor and any advertisers that you are aware of that advertise