I am currently sitting in the Salt Lake City airport, as people around me are playing cards…updating social media…making business calls, I’m trying to reflect on an event I just participated in with the Wounded Warrior Project. I had the opportunity to join as staff in an event called Project Odyssey. This is an event where military vets (active and retired) participate in an experiential retreat. This retreat happens all over the U.S. In all kinds of different locations throughout the year. A goal of these retreats is to bring vets together to heal through relationships, vulnerability and experience. I’ve always known that vets have a bond that I don’t completely understand simply because I

5 ideas for your next argument

If you haven’t noticed recently, social media has become a haven for keyboard warriors fighting ideological battles that in the end don’t really effect them. I have friends that are on political ends of the spectrum. What I find humorous is that many of these social media political posts are stacked right on top of one another in my news feed. I occasionally click to see the comments. If you want to see a sad commentary on the state of conversation these days look at comments. People insulting strangers…making assumptions because of what someone doesn’t say…stating the talking points of their side without even doing research. Frankly, it’s depressing to see adults treating one another like t