April 1, 2020

These are trying times for mostly everyone. There are a particular group of people being challenged in a unique way. These are the front-line health care workers and first responders. Due to the kind of work they do, they are not given the option to work from home. The...

December 9, 2019

Occasionally I will get a couple in my office that have a particular problem. I also happened to get an email about this problem so thought I would address it with a video. Let me briefly describe it. You or your partner go to work every week. During this time at work...

November 18, 2019

Have you ever heard the phrase "facts don't care about your feelings."? It's often used as a way to insult someone when they talk about feelings during an argument. The problem with that statement is that it demeans the other person because they are having feelings be...

October 26, 2018

It's often understood that while divorce is between two people, there are numerous others involved peripherally. It's hard to know the long-term impact at times. It's just important to know there is an impact short and long-term. Here are some things to think about whe...

February 19, 2018


People are often looking for ways to stay connected with their significant others. In the search for the right formula, they often overlook simple things to make their relationships better. Sometimes the less complicated something is the...

November 20, 2017


Have you ever heard someone say that problems they have in their dating relationship will get better once they are married? Believe it or not this is a thing. This belief that marrying your one true love will solve all your problems is often shown in pop...

February 4, 2017

     An inauguration is upon us. Some people are ecstatic and others are not. Some are dealing with it in a healthy way and others are not.


     President Obama gave a final speech in Chicago. It was more or less a nice speech. One of...

December 30, 2016

When relationships are going well it is sometimes hard to pay attention to things that may cause challenges in our lives. Others sometimes see these challenges but are often afraid to point them out for fear of offending or being told they are judgmental. As I have wor...

November 5, 2016

Some relationships suffer because a mom or dad get in the way. Did you marry the man or the mom?

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