• Doc David


We all experience a variety of difficulties in our lives…new jobs….new relationships….divorces...death. This happens all around us, to friends and strangers and we often don’t know even know it. We don’t know for a few reasons, people are private or we are often too caught up in our own pains and difficulties to help other with theirs. Not knowing how to help others or even help ourselves can keep us from moving on in a positive direction. There are several things you can do to deal with the pain of secrets in your own life or in another’s.

Get help

When you keep finding yourself at a dead end or are unable to move forward in a positive manner in your life, there is probably something that you need to pay attention to. Getting help to find out what it is a crucial first step. This help can come from a friend, family member or professional of some sort.

Acknowledge it

Once you find out what the issue is then you should acknowledge it as the thing that has permeated your life and held you back. Many times people are fearful to pinpoint the thing in their personal life that has been hidden. This is usually because owning it creates change and brings things into the light which can be hard. When things are brought into the light family relationships can be broken.

Gather others

You are not the only one burdened with the secret pain created in your life. There are others who suffer silently. Maybe you will be the first one to acknowledge the secret. The bravery it takes to do this can be useful to others who are not brave. Approach others who experienced the same thing as you. This support can make you and other more courageous to face your secrets.

Don’t dwell

Once you have begun the process of dealing with a painful moment in your life or a family secret, move forward. It may be difficult to get over challenging issues or family secrets. Moving forward from them is important. If you don’t then you become stuck. Being stuck for a long period of time becomes in itself a challenging and painful thing. It takes effort to move through things, it simply won’t just happen usually.

Don’t give up

As one confronts their family secrets or pain in their lives they will run into roadblocks. These road blocks can take the form of family members, friends, government entities and legal authorities. There is often emotional pain involved when one attempts to confront the hidden things in their lives. Yet it's important to not give up. Getting unstuck is important to you and you future!

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