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Who wants to live in "The Shack"?

Someone just sent me an article about the upcoming movie “The Shack” based on the highly popular book of the same name. It was obvious from the title it was another article from a Christian leader expounding on why this movie twists the message of the Bible. I didn’t open it, I just sighed and immediately thought of writing this post.

Here’s the Deal

“The Shack” is a very popular work of fiction. It’s someone’s human attempt to explain a relationship with God. Productions companies are on the hunt to make money. I would imagine they see an untapped resource in people that loved the book, therefore they think, “let’s make a movie TO MAKE MONEY.” Do they want to subvert Christianity? Who knows, possibly? More than likely they don’t care. Do they want TO MAKE MONEY? Yes, they do. Therefore, they make this movie. The upset that has transpired is an amazing example, again, of American Christianity. Every year there are things like this that put American Christianity vs actual Christianity on full display.

What should bother you

Every day there are children who are living in squalor, abandoned with no hope of having a family because of a special need of some sort or simply because they were an inconvenience. These children desperately hope to get adopted, but many never do. This is what you should be upset about instead of a silly movie. You could actually save a life by adopting. You could start here for example, and yes I did it already.


Did you know that human trafficking is happening right around you? It’s something that many people don’t give a second thought to. It breaks up families, ruins lives and damages souls. Children are especially vulnerable to these developmental and psychological consequences of trafficking because they are so young. In order to gain complete control of the child, traffickers often will destroy the physical and mental health of the children through persistent physical and emotional abuse. You could start helping by going here.


There are people being persecuted all over the world for a variety of reasons. These people often end up leaving their countries looking for security elsewhere. I couldn’t imagine what that would be like as I sit in the comfort of my own home writing this post. Imagine you and your children being uprooted from your home country with everything you own on your back or maybe in one suitcase. We can all agree that this is scary and wrong. We point fingers at who is to blame, but all the while this person is still homeless and wandering. Here is one place of many that you can find out how to help.


I haven’t read the book and I most likely will not see the movie. You can choose to do whatever you like. I would hope however, that if you claim to be a Christian, that you give some serious thought as to what type of Christian you are.

Doc David

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