• Doc David

There is a reckoning

There is a reckoning happening in our society. If you aren’t aware of it, then most likely you have been living under a rock or in a cave. On a side note, a cave would be much more comfortable to live in than under a rock.

I’m talking about the daily news of the latest powerful figure accused of inappropriate sexual behavior or sexual harassment etc… etc…This reckoning is certainly taking place on an individual level. Mostly men, are now being held accountable for behavior that should never have been accepted or done in the first place. Let me be clear this is a good thing.

What I worry about is that this “reckoning” will not happen on a national level. If you have wondered why this is happening I have your answer.

There are consequences for behavior

Parents know this…couples know this…business owners know this…employees know this. It seems on some level people know this.

Yet, somehow these same people can’t believe these beloved powerful men are finally getting exposed for the gross people they are. Yes, I say gross because I personally believe this behavior is disgusting.

I have heard some people say this is just about Hollywood and Politics. I don't agree with this notion. I think it's much more about our societies general view on morality.

How can we expect anything different from a society that mocks attempts at protecting marriage (think VP Mike Pence not doing dinners with women other than his wife)

A society that thinks anything goes morally (think gender is fluid…abortion on demand…heroin injection sites etc…)

Society that normalizes the worst of us (think Kardashians…Jersey Shore…Dance moms…Hillary Clinton…Donald Trump)

It should be no surprise then, that a society that has no standards of consistent morality and decency will breed inappropriate behavior.

The sad thing is that for all the powerful men that are being brought down, there are most likely thousands more who have no power, but are doing the same thing. This isn’t about men having power, this is about men living in a self-centered society where personal indulgences and doing what you want when you want is more important and valued over appropriate self-control and respect of others.

Until we as a culture value a moral code that is reasonable and appropriate nothing will change. Until there is a national “heart change” we will continue to head down the road of “anything goes”.

Where does this start? It starts in your own behavior and in your home. Ask yourself “Do I watch or allow things in my home that promote what was described above?” If you do then I would respectfully suggest you rethink what you are putting into your mind as well as the minds of your children.

Starting is a big deal. Being consistent and recognizing that you have the ability to influence people in your life is a big deal.

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