• Doc David

Drop the resolutions


It’s important to figure out if the thing you want to change is something you can do on your own or is it something that you need help with. Most of the time people fail at something because they didn’t seek out the support they needed to make the actual change. Determine what you want to change and then find the support people to help you.


If you have determined that you want to change something, then make an actual plan to do it. Another reason for failure is that people determine to change a big thing in their life, but don’t go about making an effective plan of action for the change. Write out your plan of action. Put in on a calendar...white board...email yourself. You need something you can see to remind you of this challenge.

Find a Friend:

It’s much easier to accomplish something hard if you have a friend willing to travel the change road with you. You might be surprised if you seek out your friends and ask who wants to come along. It’s highly likely that you will find several friends that want to journey with you. People love community and this is one way to build it.

Fail, but don’t give up:

Chances are you will fail….Yes I said it, you may fail at your resolution. A loud and clear message you should give yourself is that it is okay to fail. Where people get stuck with resolutions, is that they fail and stop there. I want to encourage you that when you fail, you keep trying. Failure is something that happens to everyone. Changing your mindset about failure is important. Failing and then learning about what led to the failure can lead you to changing your game plan. Once you change the game plan chances are you will be less likely to fail again!

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