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Don't be stuck in a rut!

People are often looking for ways to stay connected with their significant others. In the search for the right formula, they often overlook simple things to make their relationships better. Sometimes the less complicated something is the more effective it can be. I will be posting over the next few weeks some very easy things one can do to stay out of ruts in their relationships.


Many times, we treat those we interact with at work or in the business world much better than the people we live with. This has consequences. When was the last time you were kind to someone that you cared about? If you can’t remember, then it’s probably time to be kind.

The other person is important

It’s often hard to consider another’s needs over ours. Yet, this consideration is the very thing that let’s your significant other know you care about them. It’s also the right thing to do when you care about someone. When was the last time you offered the last piece of pie to your love? When was the last time you saved something special for your kid? If you haven’t you might consider doing that this week.

Back to the basics

Remember the things that brought you together in the first place? These are the things that you can’t believe you even did. Talking on the phone for hours…going on walks places…flirting with one another. Complimenting for the tiniest things. These are the things that brought you two together. Why stop? Try doing something things to keep the relationship fresh. Go back to what worked in the beginning.

Don’t be shabby

Do you want to look good for your partner? If not, why not? Chances are, you wanted to look good at some point. Did you do it just to win someone over? If you did that was shallow. Being shallow in a relationship is usually not a good idea.


When you were first married you probably chose your words carefully. You didn’t want to hurt feelings and turn off your partner. Chances are now after being in a relationship for so long, you’ve lost some of your tact. I suggest you watch what you say. Kind words are often better than truthful (hurting) words. You can speak truth, but you can do it in a loving way.

Alone time

If you have kids this is hard. Yet, it is absolutely important. Just because you had kids doesn’t mean that you now forfeit your alone time for the next 20 years. You still need to connect with your partner on a one on one basis. If you’re not doing that, you will slowly fall out of love.


Go out of your way to let your partner know how great they are. If you are stuck in a rut, this will be hard for you to do. It’s something you need to be very mindful of. The more mindful you are about it the more likely your relationship will be a positive one.

Physical touch

There are numerous studies that show that positive physical touch releases a chemical called oxytocin in the brain that is good for you. This chemical also called the “cuddle hormone” promotes feelings of devotion, trust and bonding. If you are not engaging in physical touch with your partner, then you need to be. It is important for relationships.

If you happen to find these helpful please share with your friends! Thanks so much for reading.

Doc David

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