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Teens and drugs

So….you’re cleaning your kids room after asking them for the 7th time to do it. While you’re doing it you run across some type of alcohol or drug. You’re shocked at first and then some denial comes in…then you’re angry. Figuring out a good way to handle it can be the difference between building a stronger relationship with your child or creating an even bigger rift in your relationship with them. Here are several things to remember when you have to deal with this situation.

  1. You are not alone

Every day, parents all over the world have children that are involved in drugs and alcohol. This doesn’t mean it’s okay, but it does mean you don’t have to go through this challenging sometimes uncomfortable time alone. Alanon family is a great resource for parents who are in the midst of not knowing what to do.

  1. Have a plan

It would be really easy to have a knee jerk reaction to finding drugs or alcohol in your child’s room. There will be any number of emotions you will be feeling and you may want to take care of the problem right then and there. While yes this could be a crisis, it’s not something that will be able to solve itself in the next few hours. It will be wise to have a plan of action. When will you talk…who will you have present with you…what questions will you need to have answered. If you have these kinds of things mapped out ahead of time your conversation can go much more smoothly as you approach your kid.

  1. Don’t go in angry

It is completely understandable to be angry about this new information you have just found out about. Yet, trying to let someone know your concern about them in the midst of anger doesn’t usually work well. It especially doesn’t work well if you try to do it with a teen. They hear and feel your anger not the actual message. Anger is a secondary emotion. What you are really feeling is something more akin to hurt, sadness, disappointment or loss. Those are the emotions you should talk about.

  1. You are in charge

You as the parent should be in charge, to some degree, in your child’s life. The fact that you found what you found should let you clearly know that you NEED to stay in charge. Your child is off course and you need to help them get back on course. The challenge here is that if you as a parent are off course yourself it’s going to be much more difficult to get your child back on track. Part of the reason they could be using drugs is due to something you may or may not be doing. Self-evaluation is going to be important in this process. If you are using illegal drugs and your kid knows it, it will be very difficult for them to listen to you. Make sure you are not doing things that undermine you being in charge.

  1. Gather support

You don’t have to do this alone. Since you are in charge it’s going to be important to gather support around yourself and your kid. This support can take form in a variety of ways. The most immediate way to get support is going to be with a spouse or significant other who can help you. Together you both can think of some ways to implement a new plan in the home. Gathering other family members, church members or even close friends can be useful as well. If you absolutely have no one in your vicinity to provide support, then the above link to Alanon can be a starting place to find support.

  1. Stay consistent

Kids need consistency in their lives. This is no different. Once you have a plan and have gathered support you now need to stay consistent. You can’t let things get in way of your consistency. Things unfortunately may need to be arranged in your life in order to make things work in a consistent manner.

  1. Love your kid

When you had your child, there was no way you imagined that they would someday be using illegal substances. Instead, you had great hopes and dreams for them. At the core of your relationship with them there was love. This love caused you to stay up nights with them when they were sick, make their favorite meals, take them to places that they loved. This love is what will carry you through now. It will help you stay consistent and do the hard things when it comes to helping your child. Love is simply not an emotion, it’s also an action. You can and must love your child even in the midst of these difficult circumstances.

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