• Doc David

Facts and Feelings

Have you ever heard the phrase "facts don't care about your feelings."? It's often used as a way to insult someone when they talk about feelings during an argument. The problem with that statement is that it demeans the other person because they are having feelings be brought up by the potentially difficult conversations being had. I think that facts and feelings are both important and talking about them well is a pathway to better communication.

If you don't know by now because of all my shameless self-promotion, I've released a book called Relationship Reconnected (Amazon and Audible). This book addresses 4 specific steps to bringing more emotional intimacy and better communication into your relationships. The video below addresses 2 of these steps. #1 is talking arguments through factually. #2 is identifying the feelings that get brought up when talking about the issue at hand. Once you can do these 2 things the next 2 things are relatively simple. Do me a favor if you will, Subscribe and/or share so you stay updated!

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