• Doc David

Physical illness Vs. Mental illness

I meet with couples and families every week. One of the things that I often suggest is that they invite another "key player" into the room. It could be a husband, wife, Uncle or Grandparent. What I often hear in response to this invitation is " They would never come, they don't believe in therapy.

I find it amusing when someone says they don't believe in something that actually exists. I do think there are a couple things it actually does mean when someone says this. It could mean they are fearful. It could mean they don't really know anything about therapy and don't want to. It could also mean that they are worried there is a stigma attached to it, "you know, only crazy people go to counseling". Whatever it is, Therapy is real and it exists. Society often want to put a stigma on it.

If you are sick, you can easily go to a doctor. You tell people, "I have a doctors appt." When it comes to therapy, people are a bit more reluctant to let others know they are going to a therapist appt. Perhaps because they think they will be judged or misunderstood or told things can't be THAT bad.

Here me clearly when I say this...I operate a no judgement zone in my office. I want people to know that my office is a place where you can feel safe to talk about the difficult things in life. Any counselors office you go to should operate in this way. We all need places we can go to in order to talk about hard things. If this seems scary or threatening to you, I would respectfully suggest you need to make an appt today!

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