Be more attractive this year

January 6, 2020

Happy New Year all!

I was reading an article about a woman names Busy Phillips. Apparently she is a celebrity that had a talk show on the E network. She recently lost her talk show and ranted on instagram about it. She even showed a letter her daughter wrote to the network. It really showed a ton of negativity. It probably reflects what that 11 year old is learning from her mother.

After reading this article I thought about what makes people attractive. No, not physically attractive. What is something that makes you want to be around another person. I narrowed it down to gratitude . This celebrity is privileged. Instead of seeming grateful for the opportunity to do her work, she seemed bitter and resentful. This seems to be getting passed on to her child. Ultimately this woman is in charge of changing herself. She will never read this blog, but hopefully you will. If you do I would respectfully ask you to consider being grateful for things. It can radically change the direction of your life. People want to be around grateful people. I know I do!

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