Are you quarantined?

March 17, 2020

WOW….What a time we live in. I would never have thought we as a country would be where we are at today. I also never would have thought Netflix needed to tell me what they were doing about COVID-19, but I digress. I wanted to reach out today and tell you why I am quarantined with my family. I am writing because I see a response from many who are saying the media is hyping this virus…government is denying you your right to assemble…people are being fearful…it’s just a flu…we will never recover from this.

Here is what I believe. This virus has killed people. Sure they had underlying health issues, but it has created death. It is very contagious. More so than the flu from all the research I have done. In my state there are approximately 3000 ventilators spread throughout 39 counties. If many elderly and illness compromised people caught this virus, they would have to then fight over who gets a ventilator and who doesn’t. I would want my daughter with lung disease to get treatment over yours. I would want my elderly parents to get treatment over yours. We would literally be choosing who gets life-saving treatment and who doesn’t.

I have spoken with a client who interacts with Italians weekly doing business with them. This person was told that people are dying because the healthcare system is overwhelmed. They are having to make these tough choices of who gets what.

This is why I am quarantined. I am trying to think of others preemptively before I am forced to think only of myself and my family. It isn’t based on fear. It’s based on common sense and thinking about what is good for the community at large. I think most of the people that I have interacted with seem to understand this as well.

Some ideas to consider during this time

1. Call or check in on a loved one.

2. Find a series to watch on a streaming service

3. Are you anxious? Many therapists local to you are doing telehealth currently.

4. Don’t judge people for what they think is the best way for them to handle things.

5. Take a break from social media

6. Consider others before yourslef

Have any other ideas? I’d love to hear them!!

Doc David

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