We are OPEN

March 24, 2020

I just wanted to reach out to you all and let you know we are still taking on new clients. We are in uncertain times no doubt. I am fairly certain Americans will come out of this current COVID-19 scare stronger and smarter. If history tells us anything it clearly shows we are a resilient society.

In the meantime, some of you now find yourselves at home with kids and partners that you had previously only been connected with on a part-time basis. Now that you are with these people you care about full-time, you may be experiencing some relational or parenting anxiety.

You are not alone. Many of the clients who have continued to work with me during this time are talking about the stresses of being around their kids full-time. They are not feeling adequate as parents. They are getting annoyed more easily with their partners.

If this is you right now let’s connect. One of the things happening in this crisis is that people are not continuing to do life as normal while socially distancing. I’m encouraging you to keep making life as normal as possible….drink your coffee…don’t panic shop…hug your kids…call your loved ones…go outside responsibly as you are able…support local and small business where you can.

A little understanding and support of your fellow American during this time can go a long way in helping our country come out on the other side stronger. So if you find yourself struggling with parenting or need to figure out a more effective way to manage relationships while stuck at home, we are open and online!

we want to hear from you