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Why do premarital counseling?

Communication tips Pt. 1 Communication is important! There are some important principles to pay attention to when you are trying to communicate. Here is part 1   Doc David  

Did you marry a momma’s boy?

The happy day is upon you. Your immediate family is here, your friends are here, your relatives who you haven’t seen in years are here. All to celebrate you walking down the aisle about to marry the man of your dreams. You look forward to getting alone with him on your honeymoon, content and happy […]

Why do premarital counseling?

In our “have it now society” people often think that immediately living together and then simply getting married is good enough to make it long term. Some even think why marry?  What is often misunderstood is that baggage from ones past that doesn’t get dealt with will cause problems on down the line. When I […]

Boundaries are difficult!

We have all kinds of boundaries around us. We lock our doors…don’t go into roped off areas and don’t barge into fenced off areas. Yet with families and friends it becomes really difficult to keep boundaries and even institute them. Why should you have a boundaries? I talk about it in this video!

I don’t care what you think!

People simply don’t know how to disagree well. They try, but they get nervous…upset…. feel threatened. Whatever it is, they stop the argument by stating that they don’t care what you think. This can be hurtful to hear, but it doesn’t REALLY mean they don’t care, it DOES mean something else. I talk about it […]

Spice up your relationship

Now when you read something about “spicing” up your relationship what are you thinking? Most people think sex life or bedroom advice. This has nothing to do with either. What this does have to do with is making your communication better. This is even more important during everyone’s various stay home orders. You are probably […]

Do you feel manipulated?

Parents often tell me that they feel manipulated by their kids. Usually it’s related to something their child wants or doesn’t want to to do. These “conversations” often turn into battles of wills. Sometimes the parents win and sometimes the kids win. Ultimately, if you don’t change anything you do, there are no winners. There […]

Couple and family distancing

With this whole stay home order thing going on tensions are rising in relationships. People are literally stuck at home with their kids and significant others. No one can get away from one another by going to school or work. Like it or not, we are being tested in our ability to get along with […]

Be more attractive this year

Happy New Year all! I was reading an article about a woman names Busy Phillips. Apparently she is a celebrity that had a talk show on the E network. She recently lost her talk show and ranted on instagram about it. She even showed a letter her daughter wrote to the network. It really showed […]