Mediation is a resolution process recognized by the courts as an effective and rewarding alternative to litigation.

Mediation is different than binding arbitration.  Arbitration allows a neutral third party, often a judge, to decide a conflict with no alternative to litigation. With litigation, the courts make a judgment concerning the outcome of your conflict.

By the nature of their training, attorneys seek to represent the best interest of their clients. In a divorce situation, when a husband and wife both obtain attorneys, each one seeks to represent his or her best interest. This can quickly lead to an adversarial relationship and a costly divorce. Bitter and expensive divorce proceedings can leave both partners with scars taking years to heal.

Mediation is beneficial for couples to retain a positive relationship for the sake of their children. Often, children can suffer the most from a painful and bitter divorce. Mediation is a proven alternative resolution process. It is a totally voluntary process by both parties with a neutral third party – a mediator.  An experienced mediator will draw out options, seek to discover important issues, and work through emotions to create a peaceful solution.  The mediator remains neutral and facilitates the process.