Relationship expert

If you need a competent, quick-witted, relatable relationship expert look no further.

I can help you with your project as an on-camera or on-air talent.

My screen resume includes filming a pilot for the A & E network, appearing as an expert on the OWN network as well as various Ehow videos.


Need a speaker for your next event?

Perhaps you need someone who can speak at a couples, men, family retreat.

We can work together to bring a great experience to your guests.

Specialty Services

We all need help with challenges.

 Contact me and we will see how I can help.

I work with couples and families of teens.

I do Business consulting

Pre-marital counseling

Engagement breakups

in-home counseling

If you've ever thought to yourself, "there's gotta be an easier I going crazy...why won't these kids just do what they're told..." you are not alone. Thousands of parents and families over thousands of years have struggled with parenting. So know that you are not alone!

If you are a divorced parent trying to co-parent with a former partner who you may or may not get along with, parenting gets even more difficult. Divorce is not just emotionally hard on you, it's also hard on kids.


Parenting is possibly the one area in life that we are supposed to just do when a baby shows up. We are supposed to take what we learned in our own upbringing and just transfer that to the next generation.

Well, if you grew up in a home with absent parents...abusive boundaries, what you see as effective parenting could be a very skewed. Add opinionated friends and in-laws and things could feel hopeless for you as a parent.

Many professions have coaches and business consultants attached to them. This is because no one is simply born an expert. People become experts over time and then share their knowledge with others. I believe parenting is no different.

As a parenting and family coach, I value your expertise on your family. You are the one who was there from the beginning. This is the thing that often creates blind spots which I can help with. 

I offer something unique. You don't come to me, I come to you. I make myself available for a 1-5 day hands on experience. I will coach you and your family on how to interact appropriately with one another. You can get back to loving your kid rather than controlling and demanding things from them. 

Whether you have a high-conflict relationship or no conflict at all let's talk more and get your family relationships back on track!