Counseling & Therapy

Couples and Families Counseling

I work with traditional and “non-traditional” families, including married and unmarried couples with or without children, adoptive parents, multi-generational households, and single moms and dads. Being involved in a local church gives me another perspective to work with as well.

Remember, I can possibly come to you no matter where you live.

My counseling work with couples and families goes to the heart of common relationship issues and concerns through focusing on three key areas:

  1. Promoting effective relationship communication
  2. Strengthening healthy attachment in relationships
  3. Examining relevant relationship patterns (eg. family dynamics). An initial emphasis is placed on creating a sense of safety and respect, while each member is supported in “being real” and participating with authenticity. We simultaneously clarify purpose and establish direction for the work that we will do together in coming sessions.

Counseling with couples and families tends to begin rapidly and to proceed with greater intensity than in individual therapy. Consequently, significant progress can often happen in weeks or months, rather than months or years. I typically see couples and families weekly or every two weeks.

Changes that can often occur after several months are:

  • Clearer, More Honest and Heartfelt Communication
  • Less “Stuckness” in Family Relationships
  • Warmer and More Satisfying Connections
  • More Realistic Expectations of One Another
  • Healthier Boundaries
  • Greater Appreciation for the Challenges of Close Relationships
  • More Productive Conflict and Ability to Navigate Differences
  • Increased Ability to Work Together Towards Shared Goals
  • Improvement in Problematic Behaviors
  • Greater Feelings of Trust, Hope, Aliveness, and Gratitude

​​If you are wondering if couples or family therapy may be right for you, I encourage you to give me a call 360-280-9227 for a free initial phone consultation. I would be happy to address concerns you may have or answer any questions about how the process of couples and family therapy “works.

First Responders

Thin Blue Line

The phrase “Thin Blue Line” is another way to describe law enforcement. It is this line that protects typical citizens from people in society that want to do them harm. My experience as a former police officer has given me great insight into a world that not many people understand. I not only work with law enforcement but all first responders. As a relationship expert, you can trust that I know the challenges that first responders and their families often face with relationships they are in. You can be confident that what you say here stays here.

Therapy for Therapists

What if you had access to a therapist that first, completely understood your profession and secondly, understood how to help you with your relationships? This could potentially change your life. It could restore the passion for the work you do and restore the passion you once had in your relationships. I have been in practice for 18 years. I have been able to interact with all sorts of helping professionals. I have found that we professionals struggle as well with life challenges. We don’t have to be perfect and that’s completely okay. Here is what I can offer you.


As a helping professional privacy is important. This means that we will meet where you feel most comfortable. We can meet at your office, my office, your home or another place of your choosing.

Weekly sessions

Sometimes I plan sessions on a bimonthly basis. Because you are a helping professional and your time is important we will plan to maximize meetings so you can get the help you need as well as complete therapy in a timely manner.

Priority Email Reply

You may consult with me via email at any time during the week. Because I am able to receive emails on both my computer and smart phone, email response is usually quick. If I am in session when you email, I will respond when I am able.

Priority Text Message Response

You may consult with me via text message at any time during the week. If I am in session when you text, I will respond when I am able.

​Why you may want to connect with me

You want to have access to me whenever you feel the need.

You value your emotional health and the benefits of reducing the effects of burnout, compassion fatigue and difficult relationship and want to create positive relationships in your life.

You don’t want to be labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis.

You want the convenience of meeting at a location of your choosing.

You want your personal history to remain confidential. I can control my own files and records, but I can’t control what happens at an insurance company.

You want the power to choose your own therapist instead of being limited to a list of names on an insurance company’s list

we want to hear from you